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Arctos and Bird
Banff hotels offer numerous activites to partake during your stay at our Banff hotel accommodations, such as mountain biking, Banff National Park offers natural Rocky Mountain getaways to enjoy while staying at our quality bed and breakfast Banff hotels accommodations. Tranquility awaits you during your mountain getaways stay at our Rocky Mountain Canadian Rockies hotel Inn with kitchenette accommodation in our Banff hotels. Wildlife is abundant and can be safetly watched from our Banff hotels accommodation balconies.

Our location in Banff National Park: Privilege and Responsibility

The Juniper Hotel, perched on the lower slope of Mount Norquay, showcases unsurpassed views of a majestic natural environment.  This view provides our daily compass towards improving sustainability practices and furthering environmental awareness.

The Juniper Hotel is lead by the guiding principles of its owner, Arctos & Bird of Banff.  Arctos & Bird hold a vision for environmental protection as well as community enhancement, heritage preservation, and architectural excellence.

The Hotel Association of Canada awarded The Juniper  three Green Keys  for significant steps taken to protect the environment.  While this is favourable achievement, we continue to work to strengthen our environmental intelligence and best practices.

Conservation, then conversion was the focus in the 2003 renovation of what was once the Timberline.  The hotel re-opened as The Juniper in Nov 2004 with thoughtful incorporation of recycled and reused materials.  The solid dining room tables are made from wood recovered from an old airport hangar in Fort Macleod. The handsome, heavy bench in the lobby was once a beam in a Calgary warehouse. The thin slate tiles engraved with room numbers once shed rain on the roof of the staff quarters.  More eco-design information.

The Juniper Hotel is located within a known wildlife corridor. To better understand and respond to the wildlife in the area, Arctos & Bird partnered with UTSB Research. Remote cameras monitor the slopes of Mount Norquay that rise behind the hotel. The behaviour these cameras captured will help us appropriately modify human activity within the corridor.


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Banff Hotel wildlife area.Our Banff Hotel provides opportunities to view wildlife in the area.
Remote cameras capture wildlife activity.Remote cameras on Mount Norquay lets our Banff Hotel monitor the wildife in the area so we can provide a green environment.
Image capture of a bull Elk.Large animals like this bull Elk frequent the area around our Banff hotel.
Deer herd captured by a remote camera.Wildlife populations such as Deer continue to grow and thrive in and around the Banff Hotel area.
Our Banff hotel is proud to provide a green environment for wildlife.Our Banff Hotel maintains a green environment so wildlife in the are continue to flourish and thrive in Banff National Park.

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